Animal Clinic Maffra is one of the first clinics in Australia to offer revolutionary stem cell treatment for pets. The revolutionary treatment, developed by an Australian company, Medivet, means animals suffering common ailments including hip dysplasia and osteoarthritis no longer need to suffer chronic pain. 

Dr Mark Neilan is one of the first vets in Australia to offer the breakthrough procedure, He said 'the treatment is fast, affordable and performed entirely in clinic'. ‘The procedure involves harvesting stem cells from the animals own adipose (fatty) tissue and activating them utilising advanced LED light technology, to heal degenerative joint conditions including osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia, as well as ligament and cartilage injuries,' he said. ‘The procedure is not controversial as no embryonic cells are used, only cells obtained from the animal's own fat.'

Dr Neilan said a marked improvement in activity levels is expected within 14 days after treatment. ‘Osteoarthritis is extremely common in dogs and it's particularly problematic in the colder months,' he said. ‘This stem-cell treatment means family pets now have the option of a pain-free and active life all year round.'

Dr Neilan said he was excited to offer the treatment to local pets. ‘Stem cell therapy is drug free which means effective treatment, with no harmful side effects,' he said. ‘Medivet has given us the ability to improve the lives of animals currently living with chronic pain, which is life changing for both the animals and their families.

Stem cell therapy is also available as a treatment in horses for conditions such as tendon injuries and arthritis.